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Just a few ideas on possible ship propulsion methods
1. Generational ship- this would put a lot more emphasis on the journey and might make continuity more difficult. This approach makes the science easier but makes the end result of the Gospel to the colony more distant
2. Warp drive/ warp bubble- this has been done before but science in warp bubbles does allow for a theoretical basis for this technology
3. Discovery of a wormhole that would get us there. Also been done and could be used in one way or two way travel. Also has some theory behind it.
4. Long trip with some fraction of light speed, 1/2 or 1/4. There are many possibilities for propulsion with this design. Colony would need to be relatively close, probably within 10 lightyears.
5. Longer trip where mission team is placed in cryosleep, suspended animation. This could allow a separate flight crew that didn't enter cryosleep or have rotating crews so aging is minimal but equitable.
6. Some sort of quantum travel possibly using linked quarks or something like the phillies from Orson Scott Card's Ender novels. Probably less scientific basis for this but it would be relatively unique.
7. This is probably a crazy idea and might make the project less accepted by the genre community but what about a miracle ship created by God as an answer to sincere persistent prayer. It would definitely bring God prominently into each episode involving the ship.

Also another thought- should the ship land once on the planet and be unable to be reused or is there an orbiting mother ship equipped with shuttle(s)?
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