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Consider the effects of lack of gravity in transit (or alternately technology could address this issue) and the possibly different gravity of the colonized planet(s). If you have different enough gravities the inhabitants could appear to be alien based on their adaptation to the new gravity over time. This may also affect the mission team in unexpected ways. They may be weaklings on a heavy planet or superheroes on a light one. Using this device you could explore the standard scifi alien tropes without creating aliens and having to explain whether the Bible allows for sentient aliens with souls but you could explore this if you chose and reveal the humanity of the races afterwards.
The root culture and the separation would present significant linguistic issues. This could lead to a linguistics expert on the mission team and would give opportunity to highlight the need for multilingual communications.
Several colonies could exist with a single or several nearby starsystems. This could lead to Paul like missionary journeys and could define multiple storyarcs and possible splitting of the mission team. These cultures could be technologically advanced in some ways and backward in others. You could also incorporate lost or forgotten colonies that could be even more or less advanced. A multiple colony/ multiple planet setting provides the nearly limitless opportunity to explore the human condition like Star Trek or Stargate.
I've still got a bit more so another post will be forthcoming.

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The effect of alien germs, food sources, and predators on the mission team could offer great possibilities as well as germs they might bring with them might affect the colony populations much like the europeans brought diseases to north American that devastated native population when the new world was discovered.
Here is a possible series layout by seasons
Season 1- planet discovered/ messages received
Team assembled/ ship built
Idea- there could be competing teams from other faiths or government
End of season cliffhanger could be precarious launch
Season 2- the journey, maybe only half a season.
Could include conversion of nonbelieving team members or family members.
Idea- infiltrator from a competing team become part of crew or stowed away
Season 3 and beyond- landing and work with colonies

I also have thoughts on the ship and characters but will start separate threads for those topics.
I am very excited about this project and will be sharing it with my family and a group of scifi fans I am a part of. They will probably have even more ideas
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