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First some thoughts on the mission team composition
Two trained missionaries, one older and one younger
A linguist
A botanist, both for growing food in flight and study of native flora on colony planet
A zoologist, similar reasons to botanist but a different specialty
An engineer and a mechanic, both are needed to keep things running and will be useful for surviving when landing occurs
A computer expert to keep systems running and may help interface with colony technology
A doctor and a nurse to keep everyone alive
A pilot and maybe copilot
Possibly some general scientists and workers that would have cross disciplinary training
Spouses and children, selection may be based on families with useful skills

Possible profiles of some of the team

Senior missionary
In his forties, his call to abmission field just ended he has no call and depression could be in early or advanced stage. Possibly just lost his spouse. He still has desire to do Kingdom work but feels useless or discarded since the end of his call. An interesting long term plot tie in could be that the mission field his call ended in had a precursor civilization that founded one of the colonies. Possible choices: 1. He spearheads the project which reenergizes him or 2. His skills are well suited but depression has set in and he needs to be coerced or convinced to go

Junior missionary
Headstrong, full of zeal that often needs to be tempered. He still needs to learn to focus more on Gospel and less on Law. His preaching and teaching is Law heavy. He has a gift for languages and is excellent in Greek and Hebrew. He is recently married of engaged and his wife/ fiancée is not yet on board with the idea of a one way trip in space.

This character could vary greatly in the ideas but here is one. A Chinese American that has spent time in the military as a translator. His military record is secret leading to many plot possibilities as it is revealed over time. He is fluent in many languages, for instance- English, Mandarin, Cantonese, French, Dutch, Korean, and Japanese. He has knowledge of other languages, Spanish, Italian, Tagalog, Hindi. Languages can be chosen based on utility and wouldn't be needed to be revealed all right away. He is also versed in language structure and syntax and very good at math. His family was typical Asian that pushed their children to excel. He married a Latina and both are in their early to mid thirties. No children yet and they have had issues conceiving. This has led to some strife but their shared faith has helped them through. She is fluent in Spanish and english and has picked up some mandarin from her husband. She is also an excellent cook and is well known for her skills

He is Scottish (a nod to Montgomery Scott and Gene Roddenberry) he is flamboyant and prone to hyperbole. By modeling our engineer after a beloved character it may draw in more genre fans who love acknowledgement of those who have gone before. To give him a unique flavor make him awkward around women and never gone on a date, young and brilliant. Or, a former addict that one of the missionaries helped to beat the addiction and this project keeps him clean.

That's what I have so far, i'll update as other ideas come to me. I hope you like it.


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More profiles

Mechanic- Hard working family man. Quiet, most assume he is of average to low intelligence but he has great knowledge of the Scriptures and is extremely wise. His wife dutifully follows him, she is skilled in sewing and other homemaking skills. Also knowledgeable in the Scriptures but even quieter than her husband, she always defers to him.This couple could develop into strong vocal leaders in the small mission group. Possibility- 1 or 2 of their children are on the team with either a straying Christian or a faithful one or both.

Any Scientist- Arrogant know-it-all. This individual is tolerated because of his/her skills but annoys nonbelievers and tries the patience of even the most devout believers. The individual is their for the glory and adventure and will need humbling before conversion takes place if it occurs at all. The discovery of the "aliens" from other gravity planets as humans could be a turning point for this character.

Random thought on characters- The mission team should contain a majority of believers of different levels of faith but adding prominent nonbelievers adds dynamics to the crew and the show will be as much about the team as the colonists. The nonbelievers could pull away a weak believer who then comes back to the faith or is the last holdout. Coversions could be great plot devices.
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